It’s all about living life on purpose –  one. day. at. a. time.

on pur-pose

by design; intentionally

Live ON Purpose – WITH Purpose

We hear a lot about ‘having a purpose’ but what about ‘living on purpose’? Whether it’s a calling or a passion or a purpose, identifying a purpose is wonderful, but it’s just a thought unless it is lived out – ON PURPOSE!

This blog explores the meaning of living out your life on purpose with a 2 step process.

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Step 1 (PUR)

Identify your personal priorities. Determine what dreams you want to accomplish with your day/week/month/year…life.

  • Personal priorities define what is most important to you; they keep you focused on what you don’t want to lose track of
  • Your priorities will have various categories (family, career, spiritual, personal development, etc…)
  • Your dreams are where you want to go, what you want to be, etc…
  • You’ll have more than one dream – think big!
  • Some dreams are long term, some are short term, many will be interconnected

The first syllable of pur•pose is our guide for step 1

P pray (or meditate): take some time to be still; get quiet; listen

  • Do this once a year to find your long-term passionate dream
  • Do this once a month to identify short term passions/goal
  • Do this daily to stay on track with monthly goals and long term dreams

Uunleash: let go of the negative thoughts, lies, voices, etc… that are telling you no (no you can’t, no you are not able, you are no good, etc…)

  • Write them down and but flip the script and turn the no into a yes
  • Declare lies as lies and claim a truth
  • Let go of limiting thoughts

Rrejoice: look at the opportunities you have for the day/week/month/year and celebrate them

  • Write down the resources you have to make things happen on purpose
  • Keep a list of the people you know who can help you
  • Acknowledge your skills, experience and personal abilities

Step 2 (POSE)

Take action! Identify what you can do daily/weekly/monthly and do it on purpose.

  • For a long term dream, start with an end goal date if you can
  • Break down things you want to accomplish on purpose by month
  • From there, break it down to weekly and/or daily steps you can take on purpose
  • Write it and then do it…on purpose!

The second syllable of pur•pose is our guide for step 2

Prioritize Opportunities & do Something Every day.

Prioritize Opportunities: [read more]

Start each day/week by looking at the opportunities you wrote down in step 1 and prioritize them in order of importance.

  • Is this something that I can/want/need to do right now to move me forward towards a goal?
  • How important is it that I make this happen this day/week?
  • If I don’t do this now, will I miss a valuable opportunity?
  • Can this wait a day/week and still be a valuable opportunity?

Do Something (on purpose) Every Day: [read more]

  • Schedule it like you would an appointment
  • Treat it like a must do, not a hope to do
  • Whether an hour, 15 minutes, or a combined blocks of time, find the opportunities you have and do something with them

Do Something On Pur•pose…

  • See blog posts for lists of thoughts, ideas and suggestions to encourage living on purpose every day!