Live ON Pur•pose

ON Purpose

Living ON purpose is intentional. There may be current habits to break and new habits to form as we transition from busy to productive. This is what I call the PUR•POSE Process!


Just because we have established what our purpose priorities are doesn’t mean we will see results. Intended results in our top life purposes require action. This is what we call living ON purpose.

The PUR•POSE Process requires that the purpose priorities for your current season of life are established [learn more here]. From there it is a 2 STEP routine that can be done daily / weekly / monthly – whatever makes sense for your calendar planning process.

The Two Steps

Using the acrostic PUR•POSE, calendar planning is done in 2 simple steps.

  • First we PUR and then
  • We POSE!

When following this process for daily or weekly planning, it’s done quickly. When following this process for monthly, quarterly or annual planning from a more strategic view, take your time. PUR longer and take time to think through the POSE decisions.

Step 1 – We (PUR)

P pray (or meditate): take some time to be still; get quiet; listen

  • Do this once a year to find your long-term passionate dream
  • Do this once a month to identify short term passions/goal
  • Do this daily to stay on track with monthly goals and long term dreams

[go deeper on this]

U – unleash:let go of limiting or negative thoughts that are telling you no (no you can’t, no you are not able, you’re not good enough, this isn’t for you, etc…) (no you can’t, no you are not able, you are no good, etc…)

[go deeper on this]

R – rejoice: look at the opportunities you have for the day/week/month/year and celebrate them

  • List all of the opportunities you have to accomplish results with your purpose priorities (events / activities / meetings / intentional time / etc…)
  • Write down the resources you have to make things happen on purpose
  • Keep a list of the people you know who can help you
  • Acknowledge your skills, experience and personal abilities


Step 2 – Let’s (PO.SE)

 Prioritize Opportunities… 

When deciding how you will use your days, weeks or months, take a moment to review the list of opportunities you have to be scheduled. This should be the list you wrote down under Rejoice (PUR).

Also list out all of the other things that are on your to do list. These will be the ‘must do things’ of life, like chores, obligations, work, etc… Include things like church, classes, family sports, etc…

As you begin to fill in your finite amount of time with what can be an infinite list of things to be done, rate the things asking for your time on a scale of 1 to 5.

  • 1 – This is extremely important
  • 5 – This is not contributing to my purpose priorities and nothing terrible will happen if I don’t do this or put it of (or give it to someone else to do)

Here are some questions to help prioritize what’s on your list.

  • Is this something that I can/want/need to do right now to move me forward towards a goal?
  • When I look at the intended results desired for my purpose priorities, how important is it that I make this happen this day/week?
    • Can this be a 1 or 2 for another week, giving me more time for the 1s and 2s this week?
  • If I don’t do this now, will I miss a valuable opportunity?
  • Can this wait a day/week and still be a valuable opportunity?
  • Is this something only I can do or is there someone I can delegate this to?
  • How did this end up on my to do list? Is it still important?
  • Am I doing this because I want/need to or am I doing this because someone else wants/needs me to do it?
    • If someone else, is it time to give it back? Does it serve a purpose for them but take time away from my purposes?

[go deeper on this]

…and do Something Every day.

Now that you have prioritized your to do list, fill in the time you have available* starting with all of the 1s and working your way to the 2s and maybe the 3s. The 4s and 5s will most likely not make it onto your calendar.

Be intentional with your schedule. Fill in the things you want to do on purpose first….

  • Like you would an appointment
  • Like a must do, not a hope to do
  • Whether an hour, 15 minutes, or other combined blocks of time, find the opportunities you have and do something with them
  • Do them on purpose!

[go deeper on this]


Need help? Let’s connect. Living on purpose is not a special skill or ability that some have and some do not. We all have everything within us to live on purpose, but sometimes we need help finding it! My passionate purpose is to help others sort and sift through the questions that lead them to the truths that already exist within them. Wanna chat?  

Do Something On Pur•pose today...

  • Use this form to plan and schedule your week on purpose with purpose
    • If now is not a good time, when can you schedule time in your calendar to do this?

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