Top 5 Reasons You Should Come Cruise with Me!

I have an exciting opportunity for all of the professional moms in this community! This February I’ll be a keynote speaker on the Professional Moms Connection Cruise.

Joey Flesner, the founder of the Professional Moms Networking Group, is hosting this event as a way to help like minded professional women come together and:

  • Expand their connections
  • Be inspired by keynote presentations and workshops
  • Be refreshed and rejuvenated by connecting with other like minded women

The allotted number of cabins sold out quickly SO….they have added to their block of reserved cabins. YES!!

So… because there is now a spot for YOU and your girlfriends, here are my top 5 reasons you need to get on this cruise!

  • Click this link to get the answers to the questions you have so you can make the decision to register before the last cabin is gone!
  • Invest in yourself!
  • Put this on your holiday gift list. You need this more than a new purse, new shoes or a new (fill in the blank). Go ahead…be bold and ask for something that you might be hesitant to give yourself. YOU deserve it!


Need help? Let’s connect. Living on purpose is not a special skill or ability that some have and some do not. We all have everything within us to live on purpose, but sometimes we need help finding it! My passionate purpose is to help others sort and sift through the questions that lead them to the truths that already exist within them. Wanna chat? 

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