Pray (meditate)

Be Still?

Busy. It’s just how we are in today’s culture. Busy.

  • With family obligations
  • With volunteer work
  • With Kid’s events
  • With meetings of all kinds
  • With 40-50-60 hour a week jobs
  • With life!

The list of things that keep us busy is endless, but our time is not. It is limited. And yet we keep adding things to our ‘to do’ list as if more time is going to magically appear; another day is going to be added to the week.

It’s for this reason we often look up to see we are no closer to our goals than when we began the week / month / year.

Being busy kills dreams, goals, vision and yes…it can kill fun! It’s a poison that slowly increases in potency without us realizing it.

The antidote for the poison called ‘busy’ is ‘stillness’. 

And like any antidote, we have to intentionally seek it out. So how do we seek out ‘stillness’? With purposeful intention! This is the ‘pur’ of the pur•pose process. 

  • Schedule it like an appointment
  • Value it like it can save your life
  • Prioritize it

While a quiet weekend of ‘stillness’ can do amazing things, even an hour every week or two can move you from overwhelmed to ‘I can do this’.

Quiet Your Mind

If quieting your mind is a challenge, here are a few tips that can help:

  • No computers, phones or tv – no electronics
  • Play soothing music quietly (this would be an exception to the no electronics rule!)
  • Dim lights and use candles
  • Diffuse essential oils (Frankincense, Clary Sage, Sandlewood, Lavendar)
  • Drawing, coloring or doodling can help a wandering mind


With a quieted mind we can begin to listen. Pray or meditate – seeking insight, understanding, revelation or enlightenment. Have a journal or note paper on hand to capture thoughts, ideas and dreams.

Watch out for the squirrels! It’s not long before they come and distract our thoughts and pull focus from our purposeful pondering.

  • Did I leave clothes in the dryer?
  • Did my spouse remember to __________ (fill in blank)?
  • What should I make for the potluck lunch at work tomorrow?
  • Ketchup! I need to put ketchup on the grocery list!
  • and so on and so on

I suggest a squirrel catcher! A place to capture (write down) these thoughts for tending to later.

The Goal

Whether it is a weekend, a day or an hour that has been set aside to be still, meditate, and listen, the goal for this time is the same.


It’s the gateway to living ON purpose With purpose

Do Something On Pur•pose today...

  • Open up your calendar and schedule some quiet time (schedule it sooner than later!)
  • Use this time to draw near to God and seek His thoughts for this month, quarter or year
  • Print this form to use for capturing thoughts (and squirrels!)


Need help? Let’s connect.  Finding clarity is not a special skill or ability that some have and some do not. We all have everything within us to live on purpose, but sometimes we need help finding it! My passionate purpose is to help others sort and sift through the questions that lead them to the truths that already exist within them. Wanna chat? 

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