On Purpose – With Purpose

When we do something on purpose, we do it intentionally.

When we do something with purpose, we do it with expectation of a reaching a determined result.

Our PURPOSE – reason for existing – is to glorify God

So living on purpose, with purpose means we are to

  • live out our purpose (reason God created us)
  • intentionally (not accidentally) and
  • with determination (not lackadaisically).

Let’s break that down a little more and unpack it from the bottom up! 

WITH PURPOSE – to do something with the expectation of reaching a determined result.

Scripture tells us that our ‘determined result’ is to glorify God.

Everyone who is called by My name,

And whom I have created for My glory… Isaiah 43:7

Every single day, we have a God mandated result to fulfill – bring glory to His name. It doesn’t say ‘and whom I have created to do grand and magnificent things for My glory’. It simply says ‘whom I have created for My glory’.

Today’s social platforms give volume to the voices that say our reason for existence is to make a difference in the world by our own defined standards of what that difference should be. We post those opinions and advertise our actions and then the world votes with their likes, hearts and comments on whether our purpose and our actions are right or wrong. It’s a culture that puts everything on display, feeding narcissistic tendencies, encouraging self-seeking fulfillment, and nurturing prideful behavior.

This pulls focus from the glory of God’s work and places it on glorifying our ‘work’.

  • It magnifies a message that says “Look what I’m doing!” and mutes the message we were created for, “Look what God is doing!”.
  • It pulls our attention towards ‘grand gestures’ and away from what God is asking us to do for His glory right here, right now, in even the most mundane of tasks or situations.

If we stop and ask ourselves in every moment of our day ‘how can I glorify my creator in this moment’ vs rushing towards something the world will ‘like’ more, ‘comment’ on more or throw more ‘hearts’ at – we can see that in addition to living WITH purpose, living ON purpose has a broader meaning.

ON PURPOSE – to do something intentionally.

When we are working towards a grand goal or on a big project, we approach it with the intention of getting it done. We don’t approach it ‘hoping’ it will all come together and work out. No, we have a plan of action and a timeline.

What if we considered our purpose (to glorify God) as one great big giant project?

  • plan of action = how we live out our daily lives
  • timeline = the time we are given here on earth

This idea requires us to value every moment of our lives as important moments that God wants us to use to glorify Him. Not just the ‘big’ moments…ALL the moments.

What if we did just that…saw every moment as part of the action plan to glorify God and the goal is to do it as many times as we possibly can before our time is up?

  • Would I parent differently?
  • Would I respond to my spouse / friends / family differently?
  • Would I perform the job I don’t love differently?
  • Would I volunteer differently?
  • Would I serve differently?
  • Would I speak differently?
  • Would I….

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do -Ephesians 2:10

Everyday my purpose is to glorify God

  • Shine His light
  • Be His grace in action

So living on purpose, with purpose means we are to

  • glorify God (reason God created us)
  • intentionally (not accidentally) and
  • with determination (not lackadaisically)

I was created on purpose to intentionally glorify God with my thoughts, words and deeds, and I live with purpose, determined to reach the end result of expanding His kingdom for His glory.

Do Something On Pur•pose today...
  • How can you live out your purpose to glorify God in this season of life (either publicly or hidden with God)?
  • What is something that you are inspired to change based on what you have read today?


Need help? Let’s connect. Living on purpose is not a special skill or ability that some have and some do not. We all have everything within us to live on purpose, but sometimes we need help finding it! My passionate purpose is to help others sort and sift through the questions that lead them to the truths that already exist within them. Wanna chat? 

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