loyal, honest and intelligent…

I have known Tami for over 30 years. She is loyal, honest and intelligent. She is also a great trainer and coach. She became certified as a business coach through the DSWA Coach Excellence School. I observed her professional interaction with other students and the coaching skills she has mastered. Tami is a good person with a great heart.

Nicki K.

CEO & founder, DSWA Coach Excellence School

She will lift your spirit and speak to your soul…

I have known Tami for over 10 years in the Direct Sales world. During this time Tami has proven herself as a dynamic and proficient leader and an incredible coach. Through Tami’s coaching she has shown me how to grow as a leader myself, however, more importantly how to stay consistently in my ‘success’ zone, which is FAR outside of my comfort zone. No matter what platform you have the opportunity to listen to Tami speak, DO IT! She will lift your spirit and speak to your soul.

Beth B.

Director of Hotel Sales and Revenue

move on with my personal endeavors

Tami Van Hoy is an incredible business motivator with a talent for reaching out to groups of people with her inspiring public speaking talents, ability to communicate with her associates and savvy with communicating her ideas to her partners. She has given me the motivation to move on with my personal endeavors and has suggested strategies to help with reaching more customers and potential clients.

Tom G.

Executive Chef

move them in a forward direction

I have known and worked with Tami for 10 years. She has an amazing gift to touch the hearts and minds of those around her and move them in a forward direction with integrity and passion by what she says and does.

Jacquie M.

Director of Training and Development

heart-centered coach & mentor

What I learned from Tami VanHoy during nine years as an independent consultant has developed me personally and professional, more than any of my years working for a top Fortune 100 company!

Her ability to call others to action through her humble transparency is what built a 20 million dollar company! She is a refreshing blog writer and candid motivational speaker. She is a heart-centered coach, mentor and visionary!

She holds true to her values and mission, which I’ve found is rare! Tami is true to herself and committed to helping others!

Amy S.

Leadership Development