The Process – pur•pose

Living on purpose in our day-to-day life is an intentional decision; one best fulfilled by developing habits that train our minds to think purposefully.

When we develop a purposeful mindset, we are empowered to live in the spirit vs in our emotions.

Using the pur•pose process will help with living ON purpose WITH purpose by keeping us focused on the determined result of glorifying God as we walk out our daily lives.

The PUR•POSE Process is a 2 STEP routine that can be done daily / weekly / monthly  or even / quarterly and annually.

  • DAILY – plug into the thoughts of God as you begin the day; being filled with His mindset for His purposes in your life
  • WEEKLY – seek God’s thoughts on the priorities for the coming week
  • MONTHLY / QUARTERLY / ANNUALLY – seed God’s thoughts on a strategic view for the coming month(s) or year. Unlike daily and weekly, this will need more time. PUR longer and take time to think through the POSE decisions.

The Two Steps

Using the acrostic PUR•POSE, purpose planning is done in 2 simple steps.

  • First we PUR and then
  • We POSE!

Step 1 – We (PUR)


pray – (or meditate): take some time to be still; get quiet; listen

  • Do this once a year – take a day or two to sit and draw near to God and engage in a 2 way conversation about His thoughts and plans for you.
  • Do this once a month  – spend a few hours listening to God’s direction as well as encouragement and redirection where you may have veered off course recently.
  • Do this daily – as part of your morning time at the table with God, seeking the nourishment you need to glorify Him in the next 24 hours.


– unleash: let go of limiting or negative thoughts that are telling you no

(no you can’t, no you are not able, you’re not good enough, this isn’t for you, etc…) 

  • Each week, ask yourself if there are limiting thoughts that are keeping you from seeing how to glorify God in your daily life
  • Write down negative thoughts or limiting beliefs and flip the script – ask God for eyes to see yourself as He sees you
  • Declare lies as lies and claim His truths
  • Let go of limiting thoughts


– rejoice: look at the opportunities you have for the day/week/month/year and celebrate them

  • List all of the opportunities you have to glorify God this week / month / year
  • Write down the resources you have to make things happen on purpose
  • Keep a list of the people you know who can help you
  • Acknowledge your skills, experience and personal abilities

Step 2 – We (PO.SE)


 Prioritize Opportunities… 

One of the limiting factors for glorifying God in our daily lives that most people regularly experience is stress. Stress that comes from an overly committed schedule, unreasonable expectations, or misguided use of time. The key is to prioritize the opportunities we have to glorify God.  

It begins by re-programming our definition of ‘priority’.  The actual definition according to Webster is:

a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

In today’s culture of ‘more’… we have warped the definition of opportunity into something ‘more’ than it really is:

opportunity = a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something…

  • Over the top
  • Phenomenal
  • World changing
  • To make me rich
  • etc…

The result is we now see everything else in life as something that is getting in the way of us taking advantage of this ‘amazing opportunity’ or as a distraction that pulls us away from this ‘amazing opportunity’.

What if we take the pure definition of ‘opportunity’ and apply it to our God defined purpose. It would look like this:

a set of circumstances that makes it possible 
to do something to.... glorify God

With this new perspective, every single day is filled with OPPORTUNITY! Even the mundane tasks of the day are a set of circumstances to glorify God. This is not to say we aren’t called by God to do more than the day-to-day, but what if the day-to-day stuff is actually the amazing opportunity to glorify God?

What if in this season of life…

  • As a parent – God’s will is for you to show your children how to glorify Him; even in the little things
  • As a employee – God’s will is for you to show your co-workers or boss the glory of God through grace, compassion and a standard of excellence
  • As a church member – God’s will is for you to glorify Him by serving in the ‘hidden’ places
  • As a student – God’s will is for you to reveal the glory of God to those on your campus through kindness and acts of appreciation and love
  • and so on…

When begin to see the circumstances of our current life as opportunities to fulfill our purpose, we no longer need to seek after other things to feel useful.

Which brings us back to where we started – stressed from an overly committed schedule, unreasonable expectations, or misguided use of time. 

A primary contributor to this kind of stress is saying ‘yes’ to things that we have not business saying ‘yes’ so. We say ‘yes’ to it all because we haven’t learned to detach our sense of purpose from pleasing man and attach it to our real purpose (to glorify God).  Once we do, it becomes much easier to prioritize opportunities.

Here are some questions to help prioritize what’s on your list.

  • Is this something that I can/want/need to do right now to move me forward towards a goal God has for me?
  • How important is it that I make this happen this day/week?
    • Can this be pushed to another week and not cause harm?
  • If I don’t do this now, will I miss a valuable opportunity to glorify God?
  • Can this wait a day/week and still be a valuable opportunity to glorify God?
  • Is this something only I can do or is there someone I can delegate this to?
  • How did this end up on my to do list? Is it still important?
  • Am I doing this because I want/need to or am I doing this because someone else wants/needs me to do it?
    • If someone else, is it time to give it back? Does it serve a purpose for them but take time away from my purposes?


Something Every day

Do something on purpose every day. Once we prioritize the opportunities that God has put into our lives each day and reduce the stress of chaos and unreasonable expectations, it’s easier to now glorify God with our thoughts, words and actions every day.

We move from chaotic reaction to focused action.  This means being intentional with our schedule and filling in the things we want to do on purpose first….

  • Like we would an appointment
  • Like a must do, not a hope to do
  • Whether an hour, 15 minutes, or other combined blocks of time, find the opportunities we have and do something with them
  • Do them on purpose!

Beyond the calendar entries, doing something to glorify God on purpose every day means paying attention to the opportunities we are given to do it.  It may not get scheduled into our day, but the opportunities still present themselves to do something to glorify God on purpose every day…

  • Kids have a melt down – will my response be glorifying on purpose or an emotional reaction
  • Cut off in traffic – will my response be glorifying on purpose or an emotional reaction
  • Boss miss-judges me – will my response be glorifying on purpose or an emotional reaction
  • Co-workers slander me – will my response be glorifying on purpose or an emotional reaction
  • Friends hurt me – will my response be glorifying on purpose or an emotional reaction
  • Nothing goes as planned – will my response be glorifying on purpose or an emotional reaction

And at the end of a day, if we are overcome by the emotions, we remember we are loved by a God of grace and we go back to step 1 – PUR.!

Do Something On Pur•pose today...
  • Use this form to plan and schedule your week on purpose with purpose
    • If now is not a good time, when can you schedule time in your calendar to do it?


Need help? Let’s connect. Living on purpose is not a special skill or ability that some have and some do not. We all have everything within us to live on purpose, but sometimes we need help finding it! My passionate purpose is to help others sort and sift through the questions that lead them to the truths that already exist within them. Wanna chat?  

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